Bank of Tanzania, headquarters in Dar es Salaam was in need for a 100kVA UPS that is modular and can grow in capacity as the demand increases to suit their demand as a sufficient backup power source. Balton Tanzania Communications Limited recommended Gamatronic 100kVA modular UPS whose specifications and design perfectly matched what Bank of Tanzania required, and we won the tender.

The Gamatronic 100kVA modular UPS was installed, tested and handed over to be fully utilized, and to date this UPS has been working for more than 4 years without any failure nor alarm for anything to be replaced. Bank of Tanzania have since been very satisfied, and they are looking to deploy more Gamatronic UPS to their branches in the near future.


KK Security Tanzania did not have a communication solution that allows head office to receive instant communication from each security guard at their post, and they requested for different vendors to send their proposals to resolve the situation they were experiencing.

Balton Tanzania Communications Ltd proposed a very cost effective solution with a communication tower at their head office with one base radio for sending and receiving communications from all security guards at their posts. The solution was based on Motorola simplex technology which to date KK Security Tanzania has never had any downtime whatsoever, and they are looking into upgrading their system to IP Site in the near future.


Airtel Tanzania was struggling with most of their point to point links to their corporate customers, mostly commercial banks, and due to the criticality of the service provided as well as avoiding any downtime, Airtel Tanzania decide to look for another solution which will provide a reliable and stable point to point communication with the goal of 100% availability.

Balton Tanzania Communications Limited proposed Radwin point to point links to Airtel Tanzania, and after intensive tests in the city and remote country sides, Radwin proved to be the best solution Airtel Tanzania was looking for. Airtel Tanzania then decided to go for Radwin as their only solution for their point to point communication links, and had to swap out more than 100 links of the make they were using before.

Because of the best and timely support provided by Balton Tanzania Communications Limited, Airtel Tanzania decided also to use Balton Tanzania Communications Limited to do the installation and troubleshooting of all their Radwin point to point links.


Singita Grumeti operates lodges and tented camps within Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Due to the nature of the location, it was important for them to have a means of communication that is instant, reliable and a one off investment with little annual maintenance cost. With this challenge in place, Singita Grumeti approached Balton Tanzania Communications Ltd to design a solution that would suit their demand.

A detailed design was prepared by Balton Tanzania Communications Limited, and it involved a number of communication towers at remote locations powered by solar panels. All sites were interconnected to operate as one single network IP site connect. The proposed solution was accepted, and was successfully deployed a few months after.


Due to mine expansion, and the need for proper and reliable two-way radio communication at Geita Gold Mine, Balton Tanzania Communications Limited was approached to provide a solution that is reliable, cost effective and can be upgraded as demand increases.

Since Geita Gold Mine had Motorola two-way radio solution already in place based on Motorola analogue, Balton Tanzania Communications Limited proposed a solution that is Motorola based but digital and with multiple repeater sites to increase coverage at the PITs other working environments.

Geita Gold Mine finally awarded the project to Balton Tanzania Communications Limited to be implemented as our solution proved to be more reliable and cost effective, and furthermore we guaranteed after sales support. The project was initiated by migrating the existing system to digital followed by the installation of additional repeater stations.

Geita Gold Mine is now having a very stable Motorola digital two-way radio system providing coverage site wide allowing users to roam from one site to another on IP Site Connect, and assuring the system is well maintained, they have signed with Balton Tanzania Communications Limited a service level agreement that is renewed annually.


Ongoing Projects;

  • Tanesco 
  • Airtel Tanzania
  • Vodacom Tanzania
  • Shanta 
  • Geita Gold Mine